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Nunki was founded in 1996 and from the beginning established a reputation for effective marketing consultancy on the one hand and fast and flexible, reliable response-handling services on the other. Since 2002 we have also offered creative, direct mail and production services.

Today Nunki is an established consulting, response-handling and marketing services company dedicated to overcoming any obstacles that conspire to make marketing more difficult than it need be. We have an enviable roster of clients and are known for an extensive portfolio of complementary, innovative, and seamless solutions in support of corporate marketers across the U.K.

Whether you are temporarily short of resources or so successful that you have capacity problems, we have the skills and enthusiasm to enable you to reach the hearts and minds of your customers quickly, effectively and consistently.



For Nunki no job is too small and no assignment too complex.

We accept assignments in research, strategy, consultancy, concept development, creative direction, design, copywriting, mail-room services, response, printing, fulfilment, data capture, data management and electronic archiving. No matter how difficult things may look from your perspective, our broad experience enables us to offer all the help that hard-pressed marketers may need.

At Nunki better marketing means that flexibility has become a core value. We tailor our solutions and service to give you precisely the help that you need and we manage our relationships with clients as ongoing conversations.

Some clients ask us to manage or advise on whole campaigns (from strategic formulation through to final execution and analysis) others are more selective, according to their individual requirements.

So, whether you are an under-resourced marketing manager or whether you simply have a response-handling or data problem, we can contribute as required.

  • by bringing expertise and skilled resources to under-resourced departments.
  • by offering consultancy services to stabilise the interface between your marketing function and the wider company
  • by delivering assignments on time, to specification and within budget.
  • by making it possible for you to focus on your customers in the way that we focus on ours.


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