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The competitive importance of customer data does not vary. Data is the key to making the right offer to the right customer through the right channel at the right time and, properly processed and carefully managed, can be transformed into commercially valuable information.

For Nunki, the integrity of our clients’ data is paramount. We have expertise in data structures; database platforms; analysis; file maintenance and marketing and always approach clients’ data at the lowest level necessary to produce results commensurate with clients’ individual needs.

Your Own Database

Whether you need us to build a marketing database from scratch or simply to manage your current investment, our data capture and maintenance services will keep your knowledge of customer profiles and preferences current.

In the process of building a new database we typically focus on five critical elements:

  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Data integrity and quality
  • Standardisation
  • Compliance with legislation
Data Integration

Most companies have multiple sources of data that could be turned (with strategic thinking and data management) into powerful information.

We can help you to integrate those rich seams of transactional data, currently held by your finance, operations, sales and customer support departments. We take these resources from discrete files in incompatible formats, and amalgamate them into an actionable marketing database, designed and built to our normal rigorous standards, merging, deduplicating and standardising records as we go.

Data Capture

Nunki specialises in turning raw and unusable data into valuable computer readable intelligence.

We regularly capture data in any volumes from a variety of media including: campaign responses, surveys, competition entries, membership applications, barcodes / pin codes and returned mail, as well as other exceptional items generated by ad hoc sales and marketing activities.

At Nunki, data capture is split across two locations, each providing connectivity and contingency for the other in the event of a major system failure. All capture operators have extensive experience in the field of high-speed data capture and associated methodologies.

Each job is completed to its own precise specifications and output is delivered on time in an agreed format.

We have the capability to process data via the traditional method of keyboard input; by scanning; through the use of automated data capture and data recognition systems e.g. OCR / OMR; and also by the process of transcribing audio files.

Under particular circumstances, or in response to specific customer requirements, it may be appropriate to capture particular jobs off-shore to maximize client value. At such times, we can offer the benefit of a network of overseas associates. With client approval, we would prepare and scan the documents in the UK and transmit scanned images to the most suitable partner, for example in India. We would manage the project according to well established conventions and our usual levels of QC data management (detailed above) would apply. Data quality would not be compromised and clients obtain the same high levels of quality that they associate with our own data centres in the United Kingdom.

Data Enhancement

You should expect your marketing database to constantly change and expand. Our data enhancement methodologies, which are equally applicable to business and consumer data, append additional information to your records to increase their quality and value.

If your in-house file does not have all the specific information needed for a particular direct mail or telemarketing campaign, we can facilitate the process of expansion by managing the importation of supplementary marketing data to make your information totally fit for purpose. We can also augment your data by adding data (e.g. phone numbers) from the public domain.

Data Quality

By identifying data problems before starting a data-driven project, we can help to improve returns. Our analytical techniques allow us to develop a thorough knowledge of your data content, structure and quality. We provide a blueprint of the data problems you might face and identify areas that are incomplete, inaccurate or ambiguous.

Data that comes from online forms and other user-prepared data sources will typically have spelling, punctuation, and capitalisation errors. We have processes to standardise your data formats quickly and cost-effectively by adding salutations, correcting spellings or making other changes as required.

People who have moved house or job; who have registered on one of the industry suppression files; who have told you they do not want your mailings, or indeed, who just do not match your company's prospect profile are suppressed in accordance with government and DMA guidelines or their own wishes.

You have the security of having data quality issues identified, having errors corrected and inconsistent and inaccurate data validated.

Database Hosting

The Nunki database hosting service is both secure and reliable. If you don’t need or want any help in managing your database, but are simply seeking a partner with the expertise and infrastructure to hold your data in a secure environment, so that you can redeploy resources, we will be happy to oblige.

Document Archiving

If you are storing too much paper-based information, or perhaps have important legacy documents (such as manuals) that need only be referenced from time to time, we can help you to reclaim valuable office space by transferring your archivable information permanently and securely into an electronic format such as PDF / image files.

Once your information has been transferred to the new format, the most appropriate option for organisation and access will depend on your own workflow. Standard software such as Microsoft Access will enable you to index and view your information simply and we can create the necessary routines on your behalf. Alternatively, should you want to step up to a full-blown document management system we can advise on how to find appropriate technical advice.

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