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Nunki consultancy modules answer the key questions that are most likely to impact your direct marketing success:
  • Where is the demand that will enable you to meet your revenue objectives?
  • Are your marketing and sales teams aligned?
  • How effective is your marketing-resource allocation?
  • Who drives your go-to-market strategy?
Sales & Marketing Alignment
Most companies in the business-to-business space suffer, to some extent, from divergent sales and marketing agendas and, even within those that are effectively managed, it is usual for sales people to tell us that marketing people do great stuff (brochures, trade shows, presentations etc.) but it would be better if only they could do other, more effective, things instead.

It is our experience within B2B, that revenue growth is most often hampered by the failure of marketing groups to take a leadership role in creating demand.

At Nunki, we work with clients to eradicate organisational drag by connecting efficient marketing with effective selling and by aligning and synchronising clients’ revenue pursuit teams to improve their return on marketing investment.

The Nunki way will ensure that you communicate the most potent messages, most effectively, at the right times.

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Market Segmentation
Locating and effectively targeting the most valuable segments within your chosen markets is a prerequisite in today's business climate.

In the business-to-consumer space, we help our clients to uncover hitherto unknown information through research and/or analysis and will often begin with a programme of focus groups or in-depth interviews. During this process, we help our clients to develop preliminary ideas about the likely size and shape of different market segments.

Most B2B organisations rely on comparatively simple techniques to segment their markets and are content to rely on their sales people to do whatever needs to be done. At Nunki, because we believe that it makes no sense to distract highly paid sales people from their principal task of selling, we offer effective sales funnel management, including segmentation, as a managed service.

We also help smaller companies to approach the task of segmentation in a simple way, clustering consumers by known attributes and judging relevance either via intuition or by known propensity to buy. If required, Nunki direct-marketing programmes can be deployed to target these segments

Whatever the size of your operation and whatever your marketing priorities, we can work help you to uncover market segments that are strategic, lucrative and supportive of your chosen marketing strategies and revenue objectives.

Sales Messaging
Our Sales Messaging module is integral to the sales and marketing alignment programme but can be usefully deployed in its own right.

Let us guide your sales and marketing teams towards the development of powerful messages that are consistent with your go-to-market strategies and productively meaningful to each audience in turn.

Marketing Audit
In a day of structured interviews, the Nunki marketing audit focuses on all areas of your marketing to assess the impact of current structures, activities and resources.

We will report on the fit between your current marketing and your business agenda.

This module forms part of the Nunki sales and marketing alignment programme, but can be deployed on its own as a way of evaluating marketing efficiency.

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