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These days, selling in a complex environment is not easy. New market conditions require sales companies to employ a range of attributes and competencies and Revenue Primer is predicated on the notion that the entire revenue generating process – from suspect to sale – now requires sales and marketing groups to cooperate in the management of complementary functions.

Selling is always best done by skilled sales people while sales-funnel management requires marketing expertise and infrastructure. By deploying Nunki’s own marketing resources in support of B2B sales groups, we offer a managed-services model for sales-funnel management so that our clients can use their valuable sales resources to maximum advantage.

Our overall purpose is to drive revenues for our clients and strengthen their position in their chosen markets. Our methodology is to nurture prospects, managing time and communicating brand values to generate interest and a flow of leads. We ensure that valuable sales resources need only be committed in any particular situation from the point at which it makes economic sense to do so.

Programme Scope

Revenue Primer relieves sales people of three important time-consuming processes:

  1. Segmenting market sectors to identify likely prospects
  2. Pre-conditioning chosen segments to create brand familiarity
  3. Building relationships and gaining time to nurture leads.

Nunki manages all of these processes on each client’s behalf.

The Programme

Within the B2B environment, the pretence, that categorisation - simply dividing prospects by size and / or industry sector – is close enough to segmentation, has been abandoned. Customers have become more knowing and well-informed and have, in the main, given up being loyal to incumbent suppliers. Today, buyers will only engage with vendors who can create at least an impression of easily accessible value. Any segmentation exercise, therefore, must take account of all of this and be able to identify individual prospects offering the greatest likelihood of success.

The primer process guides sales people in the evaluation of identifiable market segments to assess their likely impact on current revenue goals with the aim of uncovering tightly defined groups of prospects, with a high propensity to buy. Thereafter, we build trust via individually tailored marketing processes designed to illuminate specific value and, at around that point, hand off to sales.

As part of each Revenue Primer assignment we will:

Use our expertise in data structures to build and manage a marketing database Design, develop and deploy a direct response programme to address each client’s prospects before their ideas about value take shape - in order to favourably influence their reaction to the subsequent sales approach and proposition. Typically, each campaign will use a mix of activities including: direct mail, emails, voicemails, case studies, success stories, articles, events, white papers and webcasts.

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