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At Nunki we believe that scalable success from direct marketing is dependent on having a measurable process linked to a sustainable strategy.

At Nunki, we offer complete programme development incorporating all the key direct marketing points: strategy, data services, creative, production and back-end processes including response handling, printing, fulfilment and analysis.

Even if you are simply looking for a cost-effective way of supplementing your own resources (or even for independent advice), talk to us.

Direct Mail

The attributes of flexibility, affordability, targetability, cost-effectiveness and measurability combine to make direct mail the most popular and effective form of direct marketing.

Whether your direct mail is a simple and traditional package or a unique, multi-faceted campaign; whether you create your own mail piece - or have someone else create it on your behalf - Nunki can provide as much (or as little) help as you require.

At Nunki, no assignment is too small and none is too complex.

Our direct mail services include:

  • Complete digital prepress, computer-to-plate, and creative support services
  • Full-service, high-quality printing for any and all direct mail package components including envelope overprinting
  • Personalisation utilising digital printing technology
  • Timely and cost-effective delivery
  • Complete inserting, collating and mailing services
  • Postage management including mail-sort and walk-sort processing
  • Programme-integrated e-mail and SMS messaging

Whereas posting a letter can be as easy as applying a stamp to an envelope before dropping it into a mail box, the unique nature of direct mail generally demands a multifaceted approach. Refined messages will often require the insertion of multiple pages of varying dimensions and/or the use of custom-made enclosures. Whatever the final size and shape of your mail-piece, however, we have the staff, systems and experience to guarantee you a first-class service.

Creative Brief

We can either use your own creative brief as a road map to guide us to an imaginative and persuasive creative execution of your direct marketing campaign or we can create the brief on your behalf.

A Nunki brief will contain:

  • Campaign objectives
  • Target audience
  • Desired audience reaction
  • Demographics, lifestyle, attitudinal information
  • Media brief
  • Guidelines for execution
  • Mandatory inclusions
  • Mandatory exclusions
  • Budget
  • Timing
Programme Development

During the development phase we will, if required, develop ideas into the final look and feel of a powerful direct marketing campaign.

As part of the Nunki methodology, letters and brochure options will be refined; paper stock and photography selected; envelopes headlined and response mechanisms fleshed out. The merits of optional images and graphics will be considered and draft copy will be written.


When your direct mail piece is fully defined and approved, Nunki can manage production on your behalf to ensure that your mailings are delivered on time, on budget and on strategy.

No two projects are likely to be the same and, though it is by no means always the case, it may sometimes be appropriate for us to utilise the services of one of our trusted business partners. On any such occasion, we will ensure that our client approves the arrangement and we will pass on all expenses incurred at our cost.

Nunki’s production management processes are designed to avoid the disasters that so easily compromise return on investment.


A major advantage of direct mail is that its individual elements lend themselves to the possibility of testing. In the best of circumstances, all direct marketing should be tested with the aim of achieving the best possible response and return on investment.

Most direct mail is actually dispatched untested but this can prove a false economy. At Nunki, we recommend that our clients should test until they find the mix of variables most likely to produce a satisfactory return. This mailing can subsequently be used as the benchmark or control against which all other mailings can be compared.

Postage Management

Postal costs depend in part on the size, shape and weight of the mail piece and in part on how your postage is managed.

At Nunki we help clients to budget realistically for this critical element and to eliminate expensive mistakes. Through our understanding of postal services we always select the most cost-effective and efficient method of delivering your item via post or carrier.

It is our policy to pass on any postage / delivery charges at our cost.

Mail Returns

As part of our response management service, we offer a return address for your undelivered mail. All items returned to Nunki are received at our mail reception centre, checked, sorted and collated and the relevant information is forwarded to one of our data centres where specialist operators capture the information that will keep your database current.

Email Solutions
At Nunki we offer a full range of email services. Not only do we offer high volume broadcasting but also fully personalised text to allow you to maximize your return. Each open, click-thru, opt-in, bounce and unsubscribe is recorded and included in our campaign reports. This information is then typically used to update the marketing database
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