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When companies address their markets, the primary aim is to evoke a response. It follows therefore that responses, when they come, are potentially highly valuable and require prompt, process-based management.

Response Management
We receive and sort all / any responses according to the specific requirements of each individual campaign. We also offer services for all types of competition and voucher campaigns and the management of loyalty schemes. Licensed PO boxes and Freepost / Business Reply facilities are available to meet the needs of those clients planning mailing campaigns requiring a return mechanic. Typically, forms are opened and checked and then passed to one of our data centres for capture. We also offer a cost effective banking operation for cash, cheques, postal orders and credit cards ensuring that all remittances are checked in accordance with our client’s instructions and all monies credited to the correct account(s) in the shortest time.

Fulfilment can mean different things to different clients.

In some cases, the term refers to the direct mail production process and commences from the point that a direct mail piece is fully defined and approved. For some of our clients, we manage the entire production process including print management, pack fulfilment and posting to ensure that your mailings are delivered on time, on budget and on strategy.

Fulfilment also sometimes describes the critical point of connection at which clients are able to capitalise on the interest generated through direct marketing. Nunki has the experience, technology, facilities, quality control and staff to handle the most complex fulfilment needs. We provide superior, cost-efficient and responsive solutions that include:

  • sourcing and purchasing gift items
  • secure inventory management order processing via e-mail, internet, phone and mail
  • kit assembly
  • product pick and pack
  • custom packaging
  • reporting and analysis distribution of sales, marketing and promotional materials
  • subscription management
Call Handling Services

In order to fully support your direct marketing activity, we offer a highly flexible call handling and telephone fulfilment service which incorporates helpline management and reporting. At Nunki, our response to your customers will be formulated according to your own specification and will reflect your corporate image. Each contact managed by Nunki on your behalf will enhance your reputation, protect your market position and be consistent with your brand values. To implement this service, we use dedicated inbound lines, including free-phone local access and premium rated numbers and, if required, automated answer services. While we can handle many thousands of calls each year, we specialise in smaller projects that require special attention. While many call centres charge huge monthly minimum fees, often making their services unaffordable, we offer programmes tailored to meet any need, no matter how complex, and no matter how small.

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